English Lessons with Daniel Bronson

Do you want private English lessons that are effective and enjoyable? Are you looking for customized lessons with a qualified and experienced teacher who can help you reach your language goals? Do you need practical English that you can confidently use at work, school, and while traveling?


My name is Daniel, and I'm an English teacher living in Berlin. Whether you need to pass an exam, improve your English for work, or just want to brush up on your conversation skills, I can help you reach all of your language goals!

About the lessons...

English with Daniel uses the communicative approach of teaching English. This means that you will primarily acquire the language through speaking and interacting with the teacher and the material. We will practice real-life scenarios so that you can use English in natural situations. My classes are dynamic and will use activities that challenge you to actively produce language, just like we do in our every day lives. I also keep my lessons lively, as we learn the best when we are interested--no boring grammar lectures!


But foremost at English with Daniel, the lessons are focused on you--the student. How do you learn best? What are your language goals? How can my lessons best help you?

  • Lessons for teenagers, adults, and companies.
  • Individually customized to help you learn English fast.
  • Enriching materials to help you gain confidence quickly.
  • Activities with a real world focus so that you can apply your knowledge directly to daily life.
  • Communication focused and student-centered to get you using and producing English confidently.

English for Adults

  • General English (Levels A1-C2)
  • English for Work (Designed for your Field)
  • Exam Preparation (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL)
  • Business English
  • English for Travel
  • English for Job Interviews, Presentations, Meetings, Phone Calls, E-Mails, and more...

English for Companies

Courses for companies can be customized for your company's specific field and needs.

  • Customer service
  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Legal purposes
  • Logistics and Supply
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Opticians and Medical Office Workers

All lessons at English with Daniel are taught by Daniel Bronson

  • Native English speaker, neutral US American accent.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English - University of Iowa, USA.
  • CELTA - Teaching House New York, USA.

My name is Daniel and I have been working as an English teacher in Germany since 2017. I offer personalized 1-1 English lessons online and group business English lessons from the convenience of your office.

Price List

Regardless of which lessons you book, the initial 30 minute consultation is free. During this time, I will evaluate your English level and discuss your goals for learning English. We will then make a plan for your future lessons. 

1-to-1 Private Lessons

    30 Minutes: 19€ (Online only)

    60 Minutes: 34€ (Online only)

    90 Minutes: 48€ (Online only)


 Family Lessons (2 Students, 45 minutes each 1-1)

    90 Minutes: 55€ (Online only - contact me regarding in person lessons)


 Group Lessons - Business English in a Company (1-4 Students)

    60 Minutes:

         1 Person: 45€

         2 People: 55€

         3 People: 65€

         4 People: 75€


19% VAT will be additionally added to all prices.


Due to high demand, presently I only offer 1-1 English lessons online. Exceptions may be made on a case-to-case basis. Please contact me regarding your situation.


Group lessons are generally held on site at your office.


Note: I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and committed to promoting hygiene, safety, and personal distance during English courses for the safety of everyone.

About Daniel

My name is Daniel Bronson and I've been working as an English teacher in Germany (both Hamburg and Berlin) since 2017. I hold a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa. I also have a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


I'm originally from a small town in Iowa, USA (Have you ever heard of Iowa?) I started teaching English in 2016, although I've been a dedicated student of English since I could hold a book.


When you sign up at English with Daniel, you have my undivided attention to help you succeed. This is something you'll never find in a big language school (I know, I've worked in them). I approach teaching in a creative and fun way, as we learn best when the material is interesting. In our lessons, I'm making constant observations on how to help you attain your goals faster and to make better lessons for you in the future.


Are you ready to speak English confidently and have fun learning how to do so? Contact English with Daniel today!


Testimonials for English with Daniel

"Daniel's lessons are fun and bring progress. He adapts to the requirements and always tailors the lessons accordingly. Above all, the content is interesting. Very pleasant teacher to deal with!"


-Florian, Program Director, Berlin 

"The lessons with Daniel are very helpful and a lot of fun! We speak English the whole lesson and practise exactly what you always miss: practice! After just a few weeks, I've been able to brush up my English considerably and finally feel confident enough to speak. I can only recommend the lessons!"


-Tessa, Graphic Designer, Hamburg 

"The English lessons with Daniel are varied and instructive. And the most important thing: it's also fun!"


-Sabine, Healthcare Management, Munich 

"I've been studying with Daniel for half a year. Live and via zoom to improve my spoken English in a professional environment. The focus is on communication / speaking in (online) meetings, emails, etc. I am very satisfied with my progress and I would definitely recommend Daniel to others: competent and friendly!"


-Jens, Technical Marketing, Berlin 

"I've been taking English lessons with Daniel for a few months now to enrich my vocabulary and improve my conversation skills. He focuses on your own personal needs and wishes and is always happy to answer all your questions. Daniel's passion about his work makes classes super fun. I highly recommend him as a teacher!"


-Katarina, University Student, Paris

"English with Daniel is fun! My kids look forward to their classes and I really appreciate my conversation class with Daniel. He picks topics out appropriate to my interests, listens patiently, corrects me in a kind way and makes me feel more self-confidently in speaking English. Daniel is always well prepared and able to answer every linguistic question."


-Carolina, Author, Berlin 

"I had a job interview in English and wanted to improve my English. I had appointments with different teachers and decided to take lessons with Daniel because of his personable manner. It is organized, structured and can explain very well. He came prepared for every meeting and with his help I passed the interview."


-Thore, Human Resources Manager; Diversity and Inclusion, Berlin 

"Excellent teacher who can listen well and who is able to think things through. Good feedback in class, very good explanations and good preparation."


-Kirstin, Accountant, Berlin 

"Daniel is a great teacher! He helps achieve my wishes and goals and always makes the lessons exciting. I can only recommend!"


-Michalina, Human Resources, Berlin 

"Very nice teacher. He is very flexible and always very well prepared for the lesson. He recognizes your weaknesses and works with you specifically on them. I've improved a lot in that time as far as English is concerned. You definitely can't go wrong with Daniel as your English teacher."


-Helio, Gymnasium Student, Berlin

"Daniel was recommended to me and I highly recommend him myself. Good, prepared, and friendly teacher. My English improved extremely and I am much more confident now."


-Emily, Data Scientist, Berlin

"I have referred a lot of clients to Daniel and they all are really happy. It’s a great price!!!"


-Jillian, Publishing Editor, Hamburg

"Daniel is really good at building students' confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through different activities that improve listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills."


-Bruna, University Professor, Hamburg

"Very professional and nice teacher. We are totally satisfied"


-Jonas, Business Owner, Hamburg

"Daniel is a very good teacher, who has always been able to motivate you. His pronunciation was very understandable and his learning methods were very well implemented. I especially liked his practice-oriented teaching methods. The English lessons were very enjoyable and fun. I have learned the English language far beyond my previous goal and can therefore warmly recommend Daniel to others." 

-Josefine, Receptionist, Hamburg  

"Excellent English teacher! Makes lessons varied, interesting and humorous and integrates grammar so skillfully that you learn it practically on the side. Can explain very well and respond to and build on the student's current level of English."


-Martina, Executive Assistant, Quickborn




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+49 174 2526458

(Please send an SMS or What's App message. No calls please.)